Tuesday News Round-Up – 12th February 2019

Tuesday News Round-Up – 12th February 2019

I am pleased to present the first edition of the weekly news round-up for you all! Each Tuesday, I will be posting about all the latest news in the board gaming world, giving you a snippet of whats going on while also letting you know of any new releases that should be on your radar!

This week, a brand new Star Wars game from FFG has been announced, Ghost Star has been cancelled by Kickstarter, Sushi Go gets a dice upgrade and Renegade Studios invites players to deal with the Terror Below!

Star Wars: Outer Rim announced!

Star Wars: Outer Rim Box Art

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a brand new Star Wars release, to join their extensive line up. Star Wars: Outer Rim is pitched as a 1-4 player game, which sees players taking on the role of bounty hunters, showing their worth in the desolate Outer Rim. The aim of the game is earn 10 fame (I was a poet, and I didn’t know it!) by completing missions, smuggling cargo or achieving personal goals. Players will need to use resources to upgrade their ship and hire experienced crew to pilot said ship. You will find yourself running into all sorts of trouble, including nuisances like the Imperial or Rebel forces! Star Wars: Outer Rim is designed by Corey Konieczka (Star Wars: Rebellion) and Tony Fanchi. It is currently tipped for a Q2 2019 release.

Ghost Star cancellation

Ghost Star Board Layout

If you are an avid follower of Kickstarter campaigns, you will have noticed Ghost Star, a solo space adventure horror card game, sneak onto the scene. Wreak Havoc Games, the creators of the Kickstarter and the game have put together a fairly decent Kickstarter, with graphics showing the game along with various videos demonstrating gameplay.

All of this was good until the Kickstarter was cancelled by Wreak Havoc Games shortly after launch, while still having gathered over $32,000 of support. A post from the creators explained that Kickstarter deemed the campaign to be in violation of its rules and as such, Wreak Havoc cancelled the whole thing, saying “if we didn’t cancel it, they would of”. Since this update, there has been much speculation over the game and the KS campaign, with some stating it was all an elaborate scam. People cited the fact that Doug Kerr was involved with this project, the man behind Darkness Sabotage from Dethrone Games, a Kickstarter that received over $200,000 but hasn’t had an update in over a year and hasn’t been delivered to any backers. There is speculation that KS noticed his name linked to this new project and have cancelled it just to be cautious. Either way, no further update has been posted so we are yet to hear if this is a genuine campaign or if it is an unfortunate scam!

Sushi Go! Upgrade!

Sushi Roll Box Art

The ever-popular sushi-based card game, Sushi Go!, is getting a dice-rolling brother! Sushi Roll has been announced by Gamewright and will feature all the original Sushi Go! characters. Players will find a similar drafting mechanic to the original game, having to pick one sushi dice from the conveyor and then passing the remaining dice on. Combos are the name of the game here, with sets and pairs of ingredients netting you more points. There will also be various utensils that allow for a change in gameplay, letting players re-roll and swap dice. The game has been designed by the original Sushi Go! creator, Phil Walker-Harding and can be played by 2-5 players. The release date is set for Spring this year!

Are your ready for the Terror Below?!

Terror Below Box Art

Renegade Game Studios have been teasing a brand new Kickstarter for the last week and they have finally officially announced it. Terror Below looks to be a game paying homage to the film series “Tremors” and will see players using cards and abilities to collect worm eggs or take on the massive monsters themselves! Players race to be the first to score 20 points bey completing these actions, using their chosen heroes throughout the game. More information is being released so be sure to check out the KS campaign now! The game will be suitable for 2-5 players and the KS ends on 27th February.

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