My New Years Resolution!

My New Years Resolution!

Well, 2019 has been a roller-coaster year for me, both in my board gaming and in general life! Work has dominated my free time which has, especially towards the end of the year, made it very hard to commit to the hobby as much as I used to and this has meant various elements were left behind, including this website. But now it is time to make a New Years Resolution!

My work has sent me all over the place and this should hopefully come to a stop in the New Year, meaning I can focus more on the things I enjoy! For a start, I will be looking at posting on a weekly basis to the website, with some content already lined up. This will be a mix of reviews, previews, news and features, and this will fall in line with the various pieces I produce for Zatu as well.

Talking of Zatu, I have taken a back seat in recent months, and I am hoping turn this around as well, with videos being produced for both my channel and for Zatu, along with the articles I regularly provide to Zatu.

I have also committed to a 10×10 challenge for 2020! I wanted to do one last year but didn’t get the chance so I have got a head start this year and set up all up in preparation. Look out for a separate article detailing what games I hope to play over the New Year!

Finally, my Instagram really needs some love and attention, something it has lacked in the last month or so. Since this is where it all began, I am going to make sure to post regularly on there, so you guys can see what I am up to and that will be the first port of call for any new updates I may have.

In terms of events I will be attending during 2020, I will be at the UKGE and TTGL as usual, as well as Airecon, if I can get accommodation sorted. Let me know what events you will be attending and we can look at meeting up for a game or two!

That leaves me to wish you all a very happy New Year and I hope it brings with it lots of gaming joy for you! I am certain it will for me!

Tom Gorner

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