Airecon – What is it and what to expect!

Airecon – What is it and what to expect!

In recent years, I’ve noticed more and more conventions cropping up across the UK dedicated to board gaming, all with the aim of bringing like-minded people together to enjoy this fantastic hobby. I for one love a great convention/event! Being able to meet new people and share ideas and experiences within the hobby is a great opportunity and being able to spend a few days fully dedicated to the table is a massive tick in my book!
Airecon aims to champion this, encouraging people to come and sit down and just play, to their hearts content.

Airechttp://airecon.ukon, the analogue gaming festival which takes place in Harrogate, wants to show everyone how fantastic board gaming is and demonstrate how much joy can be had from all different types of games!

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The convention was the brain child of Ben, Mark, Rick and Nabil, all of who run the convention. They all enjoy board gaming, so much so that they wanted to share their passion with everyone else. As such, Airecon was born and back in 2015, the very first Airecon took place at Mark’s house! Fast forward to 2019 and the convention is now entering its 4th year! Airecon 5 will be taking place this year from 8th to the 10th March at Harrogate Convention Centre.

What to expect from Airecon

As mentioned, Airecon is all about playing and getting involved as much as possible and the vast amount of open gaming tables will ensure you get the chance to do this! You don’t even need to bring your own games as Travelling Man kindly offer a borrowing library. Here, you are able to pay a refundable deposit of £10 and this will allow you to borrow whatever games they have in their library, free of charge! This is perfect if you are either new to the hobby or just want to see what board gaming is all about. Who knows, you may even find a game that becomes your favourite!

Open gaming area at Airecon – (

If you are someone who prefers an RPG, then the Paizo RPG zone is whee you will want to be. Loads of RPGs will be run throughout the 3 days by experienced GMs and it will cost you just £2 to join a campaign.

Alongside the abundance of open gaming areas, a few retailers will also be in attendance, so make sure you all bring your pocket money! They will have all sorts of games on sale so be sure to take a look while you’re there.

If you fancy learning more about the hobby there will be plenty of seminars taking place over the three days, along with tournaments and events for everyone to get involved with. Alongside this you will also find plenty of demo areas, allowing attendees to try out new games and demo them to see if they are right for them.

Whether you are an avid board gamer with plenty of years in the hobby under your belt, or an absolute newbie, looking to see what its all about, this is the perfect convention for you!

If you want to find out more about this event and book tickets, then please head over to where you will find all the information you need.

I will be there reporting on the event and also making sure to get some game time in so let me know if you’re going! I will hopefully be producing a podcast at the event as well, so be sure to look out for that during the event!

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