Wayward Comic series to become a board game!

Wayward Comic series to become a board game!

Johnathan Gilmour, famous for co-designing both Dead of Winter and Dinosaur Island has announced that he is working on a board game adaptation of the Wayward comic series.

The game, currently titled “Wayward: The Board Game” will feature the monsters and mythics that were created by the Jim Zub and Steven Cummings. The comics themselves have had a 4 year run, with 30 issues being produced. The series came to a close earlier this year. The comics centered around a group of gifted teens, each with unique supernatural powers. Pitted against the Yokai, they fought to prevent the Weave from unraveling and the Yokai taking over.

The few details released suggest the game to be based within Tokyo, home of the main protagonist Rori Lane. It is unclear how tightly the game will tie into the comics. It has been revealed that it will be a scenario based game, with each scenario bearing its own unique rules and objectives. Players will have to manage the threats posed by the Yokai while also growing their characters strengths and abilities.

IDW Games will be publishing “Wayward: The Board Game” and a Kickstarter will be launched to fund the project in February 2019. There is no word as of yet if a retail version will follow the crowd-funding but from previous Kickstarter’s, this is likely to be the case.

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