Keyforge: Age of Ascension announced by FFG

Keyforge: Age of Ascension announced by FFG

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new addition to the Keyforge universe, Age of Ascension! This new release will see brand new cards added to the cardpool, while still retaining the unique aspect that has brought this game such positive feedback!

Keyforge: Age of Ascension

With this new set, you will find an additional 204 brand new cards, which when paired with 166 from the Call of Archons series brings the Age of Ascension cardpool to 370 cards! This not only gives players even more variety but just also adds to the amount of possible combinations that could be had with these unique decks.

One vital bit of information that Keyforge has reiterated is the fact that this is not an expansion, nor a sequel to the Call of the Archons series. This set will be more of a companion to the existing Call of the Archons, meaning you won’t need to grab these new decks straight away to stay competitive. All the cards have been balanced to work together so you can be sure there won’t be any unfair advantages while playing.

So, what does this new set bring apart from new cards? Well, FFG have said that they have added new keywords, all adding to the gameplay and allowing players to explore it more deeply.

There are loads more details about this new release on the FFG website! If you want to learn more about this then do go and take a look! FFG have said that we can expect a Q2 release for Age of Ascension with both a Two-player starter set and the standard unique decks. Interestingly, it appears they have removed the standardized decks from the starter set and replaced the Stun and Power cards with tokens, something I am really liking the look of! Be sure to follow FFG to be updated when this release will hit retailers! More news to follow in my Tuesday round-up!

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