Game of the Month – November

Game of the Month – November

This all new feature will allow you to find out what game has managed to gain the prestigious title of Game of the Month (in our opinion). Find out what game managed to gain this title for November!

Holding On: The Trouble Life of Billy Kerr

There has been plenty of news and buzz around this new entry from Hub Games. Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr sees players taking on the role of nurses, working in a hospital that has just taken on the care of a man who has suffered a massive heart attack while on a plane to London, from Sydney.

You are quickly told that his condition is terminal and he is not going to survive for much longer. Unfortunately, there is little information on him so it is up to you to work together to not only keep Billy alive for as long as you can, but also provide palliative care, gaining his trust and learning more about his troubled past. You must then piece together this information to learn truly understand who Billy Kerr is!

I absolutely love this game! It handles a very delicate theme incredibly well, giving the players a fantastic story to play through, separated out into scenarios which each have an objective which must be completed to move on in the story.

The game itself, while incredibly story heavy, was still enjoyable to play, with one player taking the role of shift manager and allocating tasks to the other nurses, those nurses then deciding how best to assist Billy.

It takes all the good elements of a story-based game and combines it with fluid, easy to learn gameplay and mechanics and the result is a very touching, emotional game that is sure to absorb players in its delicate story while also giving them a rich experience! A great game that really stands out from the crowd and one that fully deserves our Game of the Month.

Tom Gorner

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