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The Honest Meeple now Social Media sites up and running. Please go and follow us using the buttons on the side of the page. We are currently on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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We are looking at opening a Snapchat account soon so look out for that in the future!!

We are also planning on producing content for YouTube! I have a vast amount of experience producing such content and dependent on feedback, this is something that we will look at doing in the near future. Please let us know if you think you would like to see this content from us and add some suggestions in as well so we can tailor our videos to best suit our audience!

We look forward to seeing you join us on these various channels and we hope it gives you a way to engage with us and help us to improve out content!


Hi, and welcome to the new site. My name is Tom and I started Honest Meeple to give people a site they could go to that would offer simple, honest reviews on all the latest release in the tabletop gaming world.

My aim is not just to inform though! I am an avid board gamer and really want people to embrace the hobby and if I can just get one person interested in the tabletop world, then I feel the purpose of this site and blog has been fulfilled!

So, please join me weekly where I will be reviewing all sorts of games, old and new, and sharing my thoughts on the latest news.

Welcome everyone and I hope you enjoy this blog!