Catch 22 – A Twisted Card Game Review

Catch 22 – A Twisted Card Game Review

I have always been a fan of simple, easy to play party games! Having spent 3 years at university, I managed to try out lots of different games, anything from Ring of Fire, to the classic Cards Against Humanity. So, when I was given the opportunity to review a brand new party game Catch 22: A Twisted Card Game, I was excited to see what it had to offer

The Rules

The game, aimed at adults, follows the premise of the classic drinking game “Would you rather”. The questions, all printed for the players on thick, well-printed cards are selected one at a time by a player nominated as the “speaker”. They read the scenario out loud for all the other players to hear. The other players then use an “A” or a “B” card to vote. Votes are counted and the majority wins, each of the players who voted for the majority gaining a “points” card. It’s up to you how many points you need to win. When playing, I set it at 8 but you can change that dependent on players and how long you want the game to last.


As mentioned, this is based on the classic “Would you Rather” game, played by many a student at university! While Catch 22 may not be a completely new concept, it definitely adds a nice physical aspect to the game. The fact you have the questions printed there for you allows little thought and keeps the game flowing nicely. It was good to be able to play with the maximum 10 players on my first playthrough. We all got really involved and there was little downtime between questions as that thought process was removed.

While this may be seen as a drawback to the game, it shouldn’t be seen as such. You are more than welcome to come up with your own suggestions, as many of us did, saying them aloud, but still using the voting and the points cards throughout. In terms of the scenario cards and their contents, I won’t reveal any spoilers but the majority were good.

Perhaps my one criticism of the game was the lack of really outrageous cards. Being used to the likes of Cards Against Humanity, I didn’t know what to expect and while some questions definitely produced an “eww” factor, I feel it could have been a little bit more “twisted”. I can understand why this may be the case. New games have to be so careful not to cross the line with their dark humour and I think this game sets a good level. Speaking with the creator David Okere, he assured me not to worry as they already have expansions planned for the game, with some really outrageous questions sure to make you squirm! All in all, the game plays really well. It’s nice to have a physical card in front of you and the game offers plenty of room for expansion and customisation!

In terms of the quality of the cards, I was very impressed. They were printed nicely on good, thick cards, sure to withstand rowdy play, especially in a university environment. David also advised me that they had thought about the whole uni environment and waterproofed the cards, meaning you won’t have to worry about that stray pint that has ruined many a deck of standard playing cards. The box is also small meaning you can take it pretty much everywhere, so meet your mates at the pub, all grab a pint and settle down to answer to some really twisted questions.


Overall, I think this is a great little game! It is one I would definitely play again and one perfectly suited to students. While the cards were at times a little tame, it definitely isn’t a game for kids! The expansions planned are definitely going to reinforce that point by the sounds of it. If you are looking for a twisted party game that deviates from the standard Cards Against Humanity, then this is definitely a game to consider and pick up. A neat little party game sure to make you all squirm!

Tom Gorner

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